There is so much to say about this woman named Iphigeneia.

She embodies all sorts of things : desperation; deception; deliverance. She is a symbol to me of many aspects of my life -- my longing for salvation : my dreams of a great escape in a cloud; in the air.

She is difficult to talk about to others -- It's nearly impossible to explain in mere words the emotional reactions that shudder through me as I read and re-read her story; the loyalty I feel to her, and the way she represents so much of what I remember; -- so much of my own life.

Imagery is often like this. I discover something that illuminates the darkness of what I'm trying to say. I run to other people and I point them to this representation -- "Look! This is what I feel! This is how I am!" Yet the image falls short in translation; the feelings that I want to convey are filtered through the other person's experiences -- which are often nothing like mine. The magnificent becomes everyday and ordinary.

This is my place to honour that which is meaningful to me : Myths, gods, goddesses, heroes, poetry, stories, photographs, words, and snippets of imagination. I hope all will find refuge here. I hope this place will become a place where even the ordinary is full of meaning and honour, courage and faith, hope and exaltation.